it’s not just about creating a GOOD design and function-inspired workspace, we work to create an atmosphere, a place where you and our business would taste success. We are dedicated to exploring innovative quality in the design process that will permit our work to surpass the normal perceptions of the society. This effort involves stylistic exploration of space and form to create beauty and comfort in everyday life backed by dedicated and competent management.

At Sparc Studio we create spirited design in addition to satisfying functional and operational needs. We refine and strengthen the inherent or existing condition that make a place or building unique and expand the possibilities for what can be created with new insight with a sense of adventure. Interior, Space, Light, Color and Texture are woven together in each of our projects to create dynamic and enduring architecture and interiors that respond to the tangible and intangible needs and dreams of our clients.

We believe in working in collaboration rather than in isolation. We seek to actively involve them and not merely consult, in not only discovering, articulating their values but also in representing these values as architectural features.

This process of discovery, articulation and representation of the values of the client has to be a long drawn continuous process. One consequence of it has been that our designs are as varied and as diverse as our clients. In absence of totalitarian dominance by the architect, the forms we produce do not have a common trademark which can be easily identified.